Because it is easy and inexpensive to access, a Personal Currency like the WTF greatly diminishes the motive for financial crime. 


So the benefits to the world from Complementary Cash go way beyond economics.  A WTF society is safer than one based on political money. 


Justice resources formerly expended on financially-incentivised crime can be refocussed on human protection.  Police, lawyers, judges, prison guards, and criminals all adapt easily to the open-economy WTF reforms.  Everyone wins.


The WTF is unconnected with any national central bank, ECB or IMF.   Its value is not based on, or backed by, any resource, commodity, or algorithm.


Because the WTF is a dimensionless unit there cannot be a single exchange rate between the WTF and old-fashioned currencies.


Of course, exchange rates can exist between counterparties, and valuations in exchangeable goods in WTF/non-WTF numbers may imply exchange rates.  These might be published, shared, or even fixed by law, but they will always be transaction-specific: a benign chaos always precludes universal agreement.


Individual traders who use the WTF are thus not trapped inside governments' currencies according to their tax domicile.  Therefore the WTF cannot be dominated by their national reputation, or by their devaluation or inflation.


Tip: Free your mind and the money becomes free.