Why?  If you had more money, would you think each unit was worth less?


The fact is, macroeconomic models do not match everyday experience.


Indeed this is one cause of the mess that old-style money has gotten most of us into.  As individuals we are all of us, economists included, unconcerned about the macroeconomy.  Its manipulation merely makes life more difficult for most of us.


The harder it is to get something, the more it is worth.  But this experience originated before money was invented, and continued afterwards, when barter was still the predominant force. 


Why apply this "law" of supply and demand to money itself?  No reason.   It's this very error which has prevented us getting enough.   But with the new WTF methodology everybody can generate the capital they need to get their hands on the types of homes, cars, gadgets, and food that currently only richer people can afford. 


Generalizing this "law" to money itself was a bad idea.  WTF supply and demand is simplicity itself - wherever there's demand, there is a supply. 


Tip: No-one ever knows the WTF money supply size and you want that.