You said yes

SO DID THAT WORK? here you are

"Yes" is an empathetic response you want your customer to feel.  We are looking at Slovenia's TLD through Spanish eyes.

You're nobody's fool.  

You are clear thinking.

You are not easily manipulated into complex buying decisions by pure emotion.

So why have you responded like any average numpty, and gone ahead and clicked to say YES, without even knowing what it was you were agreeing to?

YES equals action. 

You have done the right thing.  Your arrival here on my page proves you are a positive thinker and doer.

Obviously you and your free will remain a mystery, though.

Now, would you like an easy way like that to draw attention to your product or service?

If you want a big Yes! from a Hispanic target audience, here's what you need.

True, many Spanish speakers know the English word "yes", but the positive emotional response seems muted.  There is a language delay and a disconnect.

Just as my invitation to say "yes" in your language brought you here, their reaction is of course tied to their own first-language word for "yes". 

In Spanish that's S.  In Italian - S. Everything you know about the emotional response to Yes, Oui, Da or Ja applies to Si for 452m Spanish and 70m Italian speakers.

Spanish is the language of 21 countries.  

To acquire the share of this rapidly growing market that you deserve, Slovenia's TLD - .si is unstoppable.  

Between 2000 and 2009 Spanish language internet use was the fifth fastest growing by language group. 

With 32.3% of  speakers using the internet, accounting for 8% of total internet users, Spanish is in third place after English and Chinese.

The obscurity of Slovenia itself should not be confused with its TLD.  

If Slovenian websites never pop up in your searches it's because it's a country of two million people, and they are in Slovene.

Meanwhile Tuvalu's domains - .tv have become very popular in the sporting world. 

Nobody thinks they are going to visit Liverpool in Tuvalu when they click on what matters is the content of the site, and the presence of your  search terms in the URL itself. 

The idea of using a TLD like this to get thousands of ordinary people to say Yes might seem pretty dumb and simple-minded.  But that's not the only good point.

Like any other domain, a Yes-domain's value lies in its ability to direct the customer to initiate web activity with a quick and easily memorized pointer easily communicated via any medium.

Surprisingly perhaps, two thirds of online searches result from offline exposure to brands or slogans.

Further high value accrues where a manufacturer, for instance, can identify his brand with the generic item. If your brand comes out top in a search for a common word, how good is that?

True generics cannot be trademarked. But you must appreciate the irony of this. In the world of online selling, if your domain name is exactly what you're offering, the competition can go hang!

Guide to top Hispanic domain name prices.  

Your arrival here has demonstrated that a .si domain name is a ready made Spanish-Italian language marketing concept which can drive customers to your site. 




 Sabemos       que va a utilizar yes-dominios sabiamente. En el Reino Unido el Consejo       puede inspeccionar su instalaciones si piensan que el hipnotismo no       reglamentada est llevando a cabo.