The WTF eliminates the conventional money producers - central banks.  The best person to relate the value of your money to goods and services is you.  What's so magical or special about the printers of dollars, euros, or sterling?  In the WTF economy you create money by yourself, for yourself.


Forgery is impossible as WTFs cannot be copyrighted or patented. 


A business needing capital in WTFs only needs to know that it can exchange them for what it needs to organise its production facilities and pay salaries.  With the WTF there’s no need to go begging to banks or shareholders.


A successful business ought to earn a larger number of WTFs back.  But if rainy days come your organisation can just print some WTFs on the office printer or copier to meet whatever outgoings need to be paid.


The WTF makes bankruptcy and financial stress a thing of the past.  The WTF enables anyone to become an entrepreneur, even if their idea is crap.


Choose any denomination you like for your coins and notes.  Display the values - 1 WTF, 27.666, 3/17ths or whatever - so people know what they're worth. 


Stuck for a design?  No worries.  Go ahead and copy any existing WTF. 



Tip: Why not adorn your WTFs with a picture of your cat, auntie, or truck?