The WTF is a new type of Complementary Cash which can be exchanged for goods and services just like any other currency.


But unlike old-fashioned money you can have as much as you want.  WTFs are free. 


Well almost.  Just like any banknote, the WTF costs something to produce, and just like any currency, the tiny cost of producing the physical means of exchange is far outweighed by the utility of the money created.


Whatís different about the WTF?  The cost of producing physical money is borne by the person who intends to spend it.


Anyone with access to a computer printer or photocopier can issue any number of WTF notes.  And you donít need permission for that from, or anyone else.


Tip: Economic downturns are more easily remedied when money is seen as a medium of exchange and not as a store of value.  Demurrage counteracts stagnation.  Date-stamped notes should lose value over time and you ought to want that.